Clinica Vascular Barcelona, a clinical center for vascular health
Clinica Vascular Barcelona is a medical center which brings together various specialties related to vascular health. The goal is to provide patients with a comprehensive and vision complemented by various specialists working to improve the welfare, health and quality of life of people.

Vascular medicine focuses on the study of diseases of the arterial and venous system of our body. The arteries are responsible for conducting blood and oxygen through your body, reaching all organs and tissues. If an arterial dysfunction in our system we can develop various diseases, some of a serious nature.

While it is true that the main factor for the development of vascular diseases are genetic or physical that occurs with age, there are also other factors that may favor the development of several pathological conditions or severity. With this conviction, in Clinica Vascular Barcelona we offer a broad view of medical treatment, and integrate in our scheme those specialties that, while not directly related to vascular medicine, offer the patient a more complete and comprehensive coverage.

Some of the specialties that are present in the clinic are cardiac surgery, clinical psychology, physiology, homeopathy, Phlebology and vascular medicine.

In our facilities located Oliana street, Barcelona 27 our team of medical specialists will be happy to assist and advise in any medical issue you may need.
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