Swollen legs?? Discover how to avoid them with some simple tips
There are times of the year, such as in summer, we can feel that our legs swell, causing some discomfort.

The leg swelling is due primarily to a decrease in our natural drainage of venous and lymphatic system. Importantly, if not there is edema or swelling mean that we are "fatal" from circulation.

Sometimes, certain situations hormonal, postural or related to electrolyte imbalances (organic salts) can cause these situations.

This feeling may increase with age, if there is base venous dysfunction or, occasionally, cardiac type. Also unhealthy habits such as sedentary lifestyle or poor diet, can lead to onset of fluid retention.
But if you're wondering how to avoid swollen legs or how to reduce the discomfort caused by this phenomenon, here we will give some simple tips to help you improve circulation and reduce swelling.
At work
If you work long hours sitting, standing or in the same position, pause briefly every hour and move, walk a bit or loose legs. You'll see notes immediately the positive effects will reduce fatigue and heaviness.
For jobs that many hours spent sitting, is also advised to use footrests to help keep your legs in a higher position, improving circulation and relieving tiredness.
While sitting performs flexion and extension exercises tip - heel.
If you work no air conditioning and usually dress in trousers, do not forget supplies compression socks. These are your best ally it is true that in summer are difficult to wear.
Eat well
One of the aspects that can help our health is food. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet will help us feel better and eat foods that do not contain too much salt or sugar, will also help to improve circulation and thus prevent fluid retention that causes swelling of the legs.
Certain foods and vegetables like celery, green leafy vegetables, watercress, artichoke, tomato, carrot, red peppers and onions can also help your body get rid of fluids more easily and feel better.
In the same way, avoid very fatty foods or red meat, which, as is well known, do not favor blood circulation.
It is also very advisable to perform at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, whether walking, jogging, biking to work if you can either go to the gym. Now with more fancy good time out and do some moderate exercise at the end of the day, plus healthy, is an excellent therapy to unwind from the worries of the day.
However, do not forget to hydrate. Think that if your kidneys work well although you will not drink too much water retention.
Beware of too much sun
Although the sun is a fantastic source of energy and vitamin, excessive exposure to sunlight can dilate the veins and cause poor circulation and swelling in the legs. It is best to sunbathe in moderation, without abusing and avoiding peak hours of heat.

Think that if you suffer from venous insufficiency and the sun, but mostly the heat, which may cause you some ease the swelling. Heat helps relax venous and capillary venous congestion.
Follow these simple tips and become a regular check with a specialist in vascular health are the most effective way to stay healthy and feel good.
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