Varicose veins in pregnancy
Women who have given birth, and those who are experiencing now know it well. Pregnancy is a special time in the life of a woman, but this process also involves many changes in the body that can produce discomfort or develop pregnancy-related pathologies.

During pregnancy, one of the most body systems is altered in its functionality is the cardiovascular system. The volume of blood in the circulatory system and women increases blood circulation undergoes some changes.

Venous pressure increases in the lower region of the pelvis by the compression effect exerted by the distended uterus containing baby, that occurs especially in the legs that there is increased pressure to facilitate intravenous venous reflux and the appearance of insufficient valves. All this ends up creating the appearance of new veins or increased existing veins. With all this, in addition to appearing leg pain and congestion of the genital area helps water retention in the interstitial space of the ankles. It would be what is known as fluid retention and swelling of legs.

Sometimes this situation may favor the appearance of varicose veins in both legs and in other less visible but equally important, as the vulva or vagina. During pregnancy, it is also frequently the development of hemorrhoids or swollen legs.

The chances of developing varicose veins during pregnancy increases especially in women with certain genetic predispositions or otherwise, as in overweight.

While some of these symptoms tend to disappear after pregnancy, should give them the proper care and consult a specialist to rule out pregnancy complications and to facilitate the return to normal after pregnancy occurs with full guarantee for women. Also during pregnancy there are treatments and tips that can be useful to mitigate those annoyances.

Some varicose veins remain after pregnancy, but women today have at their disposal various methods to remove varicose veins without pain or surgery. For more information, see the section of our web Phlebology.
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