Removal of varicose veins with foam. A simple and painless alternative
There are different type of varicose veins that can be classified by their size or by its type and the consequences for people who suffer are diverse.

They are small varicose veins, which may pose a cosmetic problem for those who have, in addition to be associated with a feeling of heaviness or fatigue in the legs.

If varicose veins increase in size slightly, we are talking about medium varices, which are the most common consequence superficial phlebitis, which also bring pain to the person who suffers.

When varicose veins reach a larger size, they can be accompanied by pain, ulcers or thrombosis and pose a serious problem for the sufferer.

In all previous cases, varicose veins can be removed. Although it is true that, depending on the seriousness of the findings, the specialist advise one method or another.

When varicose veins are small or medium, we recommend the use of sclerosing foam technique for removal of varicose veins before they evolve and continue to grow. This technique involves injecting a foam inside diseased veins to cause them to contract and eliminated by the body naturally and gradually.

This treatment is simple and painless for the patient, as it requires no surgery.

Here we show the Foam sclerotherapy treatment for varicose veins Vascular Clinic Barcelona.
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