Phlebology and Lymphology Congress - Argentina 2012
As part of Phlebology and Lymphology Congress will be performing Dr. Miguel Lo Vuolo (author of Venous Doppler Color. Legs and pelvis. Texts & Atlas) as sole speaker of the day October 30, 2012.

This program will integrate professional recognized the Pre-Congress and interventionism Diploma in Ecodoppler Ecodirigidos to be held from 29 to 31 October 2012 on the concourse of the Hotel Intercontinental-Moreno 809 -.

For information and pre-registration, kindly visit or contact us by mail http://ecodoppler.lovuolo.com to: dopplervenoso@gmail.com

For more information on the publications of Dr. Lo Vuolo http://www.mkdistribuciones.com click below

Registration for the Diploma in Ecodoppler and interventionism Ecodirigidos includes registration to the Congress
of days 01 al 3 November 2012 http://www.congresoflebologia.com/ and enables participation in the scientific activities of the same.
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