Beware of the heat wave
We are facing a very hot summer, rising temperatures and seems to suffer a very hot August.

With increasing temperatures our legs tend to swell, because the veins lose some of their function by increased congestion exists in the legs. When this occurs, the dilated veins promotes deterioration of venous drainage, causing bloating thereof. If you also suffer from some type of vascular disease, the heat effect is even more evident.

Therefore, it is recommended to take certain precautions in those days when the challenge to our body temperatures. The first one is to avoid direct sunlight on the hottest hours. If we take the weekend to go to the beach, agree to take an umbrella to shelter from the sun more intense.

It is also recommended cold showers occur in the legs. If you're at the beach or pool, the very effect of cold water to bathe and get to reduce the pressure on the legs. But if you decide to stay at home, take cold showers in the legs in the hottest hours to combat swelling. This remedy will come in handy to promote the activation of microcirculation.

Take fresh, natural foods, avoiding as far as possible foods high in fat or salt. We recommend natural fruit juices and vegetables or vegetables in your meals. Salads can be your best ally to beat the heat and feed yourself in a healthy way. If you can avoid salads season with salt, much better. Use pepper, lemon or spices and salt excess even boost your fluid needs.

Finally, when you sit keep your legs up whenever you can and try to get some exercise in less hot hours of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon. Jogging, cycling or simply walking a while you will be pleasant and will help you keep your legs away from the swelling and pain that is unpleasant.
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