The perfect summer breakfast to keep our vascular health.
That breakfast is the most important meal of the day is something well known worldwide. But what they should contain our breakfast to constitute a healthy meal, nutritious and allow us to begin the day with the energy needed?

Breakfast should consist of the following basic elements:

Liquids, in the form of water or juices, which are delicious and we also provide vitamins and sugars.

Fiber. Give us bread, fruit and cereals.
Calcium. Present in dairy products, we also provide vitamins.

Proteins. The best alternative to make them offer us the eggs. Scrambled or boiled are one of the most rich and nutritious breakfast.

Glucose. It is the fuel that keeps our energy point, so it is recommended that breakfast glucose rich foods like fruit or honey.

Phosphorus and magnesium. They are vital to our health and can be found in nuts and cereal flours.

Potassium. It's an excellent partner of vascular health, since potassium helps eliminate fluids and therefore, promotes circulation. I find citrus and bananas.

Vitamins. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of natural vitamins.

In short, an ideal breakfast can be: two pieces of chopped (or fresh juice), accompanied by yogurt, nuts and cereals. Some bread with cheese and honey, scrambled eggs with seeds like flax. Accompany this with a tea or freshly brewed coffee.

And another key is to eat a good breakfast leisurely, unhurried and chewing well to properly digest food. Therefore, we advise you to get up 10 or 15 minutes earlier each morning so you can have a good breakfast. This time just affect your sleep time and will mean a big change for your daily wellness.
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