How to relieve heavy legs feeling
The heaviness of legs has a multiple origin, most commonly it is due to poor blood circulation, but sometimes appears in women who apparently have nothing. Even in these cases, consult a specialist for a vascular ultrasound may be completely normal. In some cases, this feeling may be accompanied by swelling in the lower extremities.
Throughout this article we will offer some ideas to help you easily relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs.
Elevate your legs whenever possible. When you're on the couch at the end of the day or to go to bed, try to keep your legs are higher than the body and see how heavy feeling will fade. Keep your legs up is a practice as old as effective in reducing the symptoms of congestion.
Another of the most effective remedies to relieve heavy feeling legs are showers alternating hot and cold water. With them you will reactivate your blood circulation and feel better. Always end with cold water.
If you are one of those women who love heels or tight clothing, know that they are habits that do little to maintain proper leg health. Think heeled shoes limit the pumping mechanism from twin muscle (calf), therefore, at this time, alternating with very high heels comfortable shoe. You should not abuse the tight pants at the thighs or pelvis.
And if you suffer from the dreaded swelling of the legs, a remedy that is very effective for relieving pain or heaviness is massaging the legs to stimulate circulation. The massage is always nice and you can do it yourself, but if you have help from someone, surely the result will be much better.
Accompanies the massage with some kind of cold gel for legs. The cool feeling is a relief for the heaviness and helps the rest of the legs. You can use your regular moisturizer placing a few hours in the fridge, in the warmer area.

But despite these tips are heightened discomfort, it is best to consult with one of our specialists in medicine phlebologic to rule that the heaviness of the legs may be due to venous disorders.
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